Super Championship - Ranking Information

Super Championship Standing List

The Super Championship Standing List is calculated using each player’s five best singles point totals and five best doubles point totals from both SCMZs and/or sanctioned Junior Open tournaments, plus any applicable singles points, in a rolling 12-month period.

This list is used to determine both the Super Championship Endorsement List, the Super Championship Bonus Point List, and the Aging Up List for Super Champ-eligible players.



Super Championship Endorsement List

The Super Championship Endorsement List is created by using the Super Championship Standing List, and it determines the selection of National Championship players.

These national tournaments include: the National Clay Court Championships, Hard Court Championships, Winter Championships, all Closed Regional events.

The players on this list are determined based on two criteria:

  • US citizenship, permanent residency, or certain alien eligibility – see Friend at Court for details.

  •  Players within the quota of the older division will be added to the top of the younger Endorsement List for which they are eligible.

Any “elite players” who cannot meet their endorsement requirements may submit an Elite Player Waiver application to the Director of Junior Tennis. These elite players must meet one of the following four criteria:

  • A WTA ranking of 1000 or higher

  • A minimum of two ATP points

  • An ITF ranking of 250 or higher

  • A USTA National ranking of 25 or higher

To request an Elite Player Waiver application form, please contact our USTA Texas Director of Junior Tennis, Julio Godreau.


Super Championship Bonus Point List

The Super Championship Bonus Point List is used to determine which players will receive bonus points for qualified wins, and it contains the top 75 players from the Super Championship Standing List. This list is published at the end of every month to indicate bonus points for the following month.

There are three ranking lists associated with Super Champs:

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