Qualified players (Championship or Super Championship level) go through an aging up process on the first day of the month that they turn 13, 15 or 17. The Championship Preliminary Ranking Lists and the Super Championship Standing Lists are used to determine a player’s level when they move to an older age division. Players aging up must check the Aging Up lists each week during the month prior to their birthday; results are updated as tournaments are completed through the end of the month.

In the month prior to their birthday, players must be in the top 35% of all eligible players (or ranked 35 or better) in either their natural or older age division. Once a player is determined to be within this 35% threshold, they will retain their qualification and cannot fall out on a later rankings list.


Players that choose to re-qualify will not be listed on the Aging Up lists.


To view the latest Aging Up lists, select the links below:


Aging Up Lists

For information about the aging up process, please contact:

(512) 443-1334 ext. 211



Junior Competitive Coordinator
Reid Fenning